FA PAC Interns

In the Fall of 2012, the FA PAC began a student Internship Project dedicated to fighting for economic and social justice in local and statewide elections. These interns engage in volunteer recruitment and voter education around the key issues in each election.

Interns also register and educate voters, carry out classroom presentations, recruit and mobilize volunteers, and reach out to faculty and staff throughout the Foothill-De Anza Community College District.    Scroll down to apply for FA-PAC Internship

Meet the Interns

David Granados Jr.

My name is David Granados Jr. I was born and raised in the East side of San Jose in a single parent household. came to De Anza because wanted to improve my community. currently study political science and have two internships at De Anza as an FA PAC intern and as the Vasconcellos Institute for Democracy in Action staff. I hope to be able to make a difference in my community through social change work.

Kaede Hamilton

Hello everyone! My name is Kaede Hamilton and I am in my second year in De Anza. Currently I am studying Spanish and TA for a politics 1 class. I got involved with FAPAC because I enjoy working on local issues that affect my community. After De Anza I would like to go to grad school to become a high school teacher. 

Sharon Marfil

I’m Sharon Marilyn from San Jose, I came to De Anza as a first generation college student that wanted to further my education. As a biology major and current teacher assistant for a Poli 1 class I would love to continue to advocate for students in the community college system as well as in my community. Also I hope to transfer onto UC Davis or UC Riverside after graduation.

Amna Khan

Hello my name is Ana Mehta. I came to the US when I was 9 years old from India. Currently I am studying Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information System and I hope to transfer to a UC by next fall. I joined FA PAC because I enjoy contributing to my community and fight for issues that matter to me. 


Mako Mori

My name is Mako Mori and I came to De Anza to find my passion that I wanted to pursue. It’s my 2nd year at De Anza as a Political Science major and interning for FA-­‐PAC as well as VIDA’s Campus Vote Project. My future goal is to transfer by Fall 2017, and pursue a career in becoming a lawyer on social justice issues.

Mike Ji

Born in Seoul, Raised in Manila Mike is an international student studying Political Science at Foothill College. As an international student, Mike is really excited to witness the 2016 presidential election and participate in local grassroots campaigns. Previously joining the FA PAC, Mike worked with Mike Honda for Congress.  

Become a FA-PAC Intern

If you are interested in becoming an FA-PAC intern, please download the FA-PAC Intern job description and application. Carefully read the job description to see what the position involves and requires. If you think you would be a good candidate, print out and complete the FA-PAC application.

Please fill out and submit your application to the following people listed on the application by Friday, June 5th 2015.

FA-PAC Intern Job Description

FA-PAC Intern Application 2015-16